Fake 1968 Pack Sold on EBAY by Bucs67

A seller on EBAY bought a 1968 wrapper on ebay on Nov 9th.

Then sold a sealed pack using that same wrapper on Nov 29th.

Here is the wrapper that was offered for sale


Here is that same wrapper used to create a sealed pack and it was sold on Nov 29th.

Close Ups of the Pack

 We have identified 6 points of comparison between the loose wrapper and the wrapper for the pack.   When you are dealing with 2 different photos by 2 different people, two different cameras, resolutions and lighting you are looking for things that match.   The wrapper could become scratched after the photo is taken and then the photo of the pack does not match.  That does not mean they are not the same item.   Its important to look for things that match.   If a criminal has a tattoo in 1980 and now has more tattoos in 2020, that does not mean that they are different people.  

You can click on the image for the enlarged photo.  Then you can zoom in on the points of interest to make your own determination.   We are confident in our findings.   We can say without any doubt that this pack that was sold on Nov 29th used the wrapper that was sold on Nov 9th.

Point 1:  You have to make sure its the same style wrapper.   It is.

Point 2: This is the most damaging.   There is a tear in the wrapper in the same spot that there is a tear in the pack.  Its the same shape, placement.

Point 3: The hyphen has the same exact print defects in both photos.  

Point 4: There is a white print dot in the red of the E just next to the black shadow.   Its identical.

Point 5: In the shadow of his collar there is a white print mark.  It is identical.

Point 6: The print defects in the BB are identical.

There are many more comparisons because they are the same pack.  

Look for yourself and find more.